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  • wants a simpler, more accessible way to practice your faith in your actual life

  • wants to explore unconventional spiritual practices to support soulful decision-making (without pressure, guilt, or eye rolls)

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So what is a soul minimalist? 

In the same way a minimalist might ask What am I holding on to?, a soul minimalist asks What has a hold on me? 

Those things that clutter up the soul can be hard to know and name because they are (mostly) invisible. But if someone else knows and names their own soul clutter, it can be easier to see your own. 

Hi! I'll be that someone.

Here is a space that isn’t as public as the internet or as private as email. As an avid reader of newsletters on Substack, creating one for us was my next right thing.

I’m an author living in North Carolina where I’ve been since college when I graduated with a degree in Educational Interpreting for the Deaf. I’ve written several books, most recently The Next Right Thing (2019) and The Next Right Thing Guided Journal (2021). That book (and journal) started as a podcast by the same name in the summer of 2017 and now has over 23 million downloads. I continue to be fascinated by how the decision-making process forms us, starting in the soul.

Two other hats I wear besides author and podcast host are as teacher and spiritual director. Twice a year I spend a week at Friends University (where I received my masters in spiritual formation) to serve as a residency lecturer for their Masters in Christian Spiritual Formation and Leadership program. And every week here in North Carolina, I sit 1:1 as a spiritual director with beautiful humans, bearing witness to their life with God, in all of its sacred complication.

I’m also a mom with three teenagers and a glad partner to John, my husband of twenty-two years.

For many years I’ve been writing on the internet, starting back in the days before social media when we made up cute names for our blogs. When I think of myself back then, I don’t know whether to roll my eyes or bless my heart, but one thing I got right was a tagline: I create space for your soul to breathe.

Five books, one podcast, and seventeen years later, I still hope that one line describes my work best. 

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If the list of things you know for sure is shrinking and the list of what you’re learning is growing, whether you consider yourself to be a person of faith, whether your beliefs are deeply rooted or recently uprooted, whether you closely identify with a particular Christian tradition or are just spiritually curious, these are the things I like to explore in the context of discernment and decision-making.

I look forward to sharing more about my own decision-making processes, telling the stories beneath the stories, and hosting conversations about the things that keep us stuck in our faith, work, and life.

I hope you’ll find welcome here,


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Emily P. Freeman 

WSJ Bestselling Author | Spiritual Director | Soul Minimalist. I help people discern their next right thing.